S[K]IES is the moniker I use for my solo project, using it as a platform for exploration within ambient, harsh noise, and death-metal-influenced textures. S[K]IES seeks to create visceral sonic experiences through the integration of percussion and live electronics that may draw listeners into an open state of mind for reflection and perhaps, for healing. Sounds are often brutal and psychedelic in nature and at times, calm and spacious.


Edges will mark the first release under the S[K]IES moniker in Summer 2019. The album is an eight-movement reflection on specific events and memories in the past 5 years:

I. 500/1000

II. Edges Burned

III. 200/1000

IV. Carve

V. Old Song (burn it down)

VI. Glimpse 1

VII. Water no. 3 (We'll Get There)

VIII. Dreams of Glass We Knew